Hey! I'm Morgan.

"I carry my home inside my chest and people with my hands" - Wilder

I’m a small town girl living in the big city of San Diego. You know the saying, “Home is where the heart is?” For me it has two meanings. If home is a physical place, mine is the magical little town where I was born – Ojai, California. It is a place where people can breathe deep and feel the wholeness of their lives. It's a magical little valley of peace happiness. If home is truly where the heart is, then mine is my family. In 2016, I married my best friend and the father of our beautiful son and daughter. We are a squad of awesomeness and those three hold my heart in the palm of their hands.

My photography is for the hopelessly in love and free-spirited. I believe a relationship is a treasure you get to share with another person. Each one is special and valuable, and I am passionate about capturing the essence of YOUR relationship through my work. I value candid moments and embrace all the quirks that are unique to you. Your love is one of a kind, and I want my photographs to show that love can be portrayed through images, not just words.