Jessica + Matt

September 3, 2021

I love a beautiful sunset Joshua Tree engagement session. Something about the sunset and the warm desert sand makes the perfect setting for beautiful photos. The scenery, the sunsets, the trees; I love it all! One of the nice things about Joshua Tree

Jessica and Matt love spending time outdoors together. Some of their favorite activities are hiking and spending time in the desert photographing the night sky. We knew that Joshua Tree was the perfect fit! One of my favorite things about Joshua Tree is how versatile it is. Whether you’re going casual or dressing it up for your photos, the JT trees and desert sunset work seamlessly with both!

I wish I could head back to Joshua Tree with Jessica and Matt all the time! We had a great time hanging out in the desert, taking a couple of tequila shots, followed by In N’ Out on the way home. It was the perfect way to end the day with this fun couple.

A couple holding hands as they walk through Joshua Tree National Park
A lovely couple embraces as they stand between two large boulders, the desert sun setting behind them
The woman's arm is around the man as he kisses her cheek and she smiles
The couple kisses as the recline against a large boulder
The woman sits on a large boulder, the man stands in front of her as they smile
The couple embraces as the desert sun sets behind them
The man embraces the woman and kisses her cheek
The couple holds hands as they walk through the desert, the sun setting in the background
A couple kisses in Joshua Tree National Park
The woman embraces the man over the shoulder as they smile at each other
A couple walks through the desert, the sun setting over the desert sand
A couple kisses as they lean against a large boulder
The sun sets behind a couple sitting on a large boulder in the desert
A couple kisses as the sun sets behind them in Joshua Tree
A beautiful sunset, a couple climbs on the large boulders in the desert
The sun sets behind the desert hills as a couple embraces
A newly engaged couple embraces sweetly as the sun sets in the distance
A woman lays on the ground in the desert as her fiancé smiles down at her
A smiling couple walks hand in hand through the desert
Large boulders in the desert, the sun setting the background
A couple standing back to back holding hands near a Joshua Tree
A new engaged couple kisses sweetly in the desert
A large set of boulders in Joshua Tree

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“Just for a moment, let’s get lost forever.” – Wilder