Krystal + Dale

March 29, 2021

Krystal and Dale’s Joshua Tree Engagement Session | March 29th, 2021

A newly engaged couple sitting on a rock and kissing
The sun shining over the mountains, illuminating the desert terrain
A lovely couple in formal wear, kissing with the desert mountains behind them
A smiling couple holding hands in the desert
A man and woman look off into the distance at the sunset
A newly engaged couple look lovingly in to each others eyes
The smiling couple walks through the desert in Joshua Tree holding hands
A couple lovingly shares a laugh together
A beautiful couple holds each other close in formal wear with the desert in the background
The newly engaged couple smiling at the camera, the brides ring in view
A couple shares a kiss behind a rock in the desert
A couple kissing and holding each other lovingly
A man with his arm around a woman as they smile sweetly at each other
A couple kissing in the desert
A couple sits on the ground in the desert embracing one another
A lovely couple holds each other closely as the sun sets in the desert

I loved photographing Krystal and Dale for their engagement! Their love is clear for anyone to see. For this formal engagement session, we headed to Joshua Tree. It was absolutely beautiful there and the contrast of their formal outfits against the desert background made for a perfect combination. We were able to achieve these soft dusk photographs and above all, I was able to capture the essence of their relationship. Thank you Krystal and Dale for sharing your love with me!

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“Just for a moment, let’s get lost forever.” – Wilder