Hey guys!

I am so excited for our session! Trust me, I totally understand choosing what to wear can feel like a daunting task. I am no fashionista, but over the years I have figured out what works best for photos and what doesn't. Choosing the right outfits is just as important as taking the photos, because they can totally make or break the images. DON'T WORRY! I have created this guide to help you navigate through choosing the best outfits that still represent your style and personality. After all, we want the focus of the images to be your love, not the clothes.

In the end, I want the images to represent you, so don't feel like you have to go buy new clothes for the session. If you love to wear jeans and a t-shirt, then lets do it! I ALWAYS recommend bringing multiple clothing options for each person, and many of my couples like to choose a more casual outfit and one that is a bit more dressy. I strongly encourage this! Most of all, make sure you are comfortable in the clothes you are wearing. If you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes, it will totally show in your photos. On the day of, I will help select outfits that will compliment each other and the setting. With that being said, don't bring your whole closet! Bring your best options and we will nail it, I promise. Since I primarily shoot outside, make sure you guys select clothing you feel comfortable changing into on the go, or in your car.


Be sure to choose outfits that fit the location. I know this seems like a no brainer, but you would be surprised! If we are shooting in the mountains, make sure you choose shoes that are conducive to walking around and playing. Girls...I am talking to you haha. Heels are super hard to walk in at almost all of the locations I shoot at (trust me, I was the one wearing heels at my engagement shoot and ended up ditching them!) If we are shooting in the sand, I would suggest not wearing shoes at all because that would look strange. If its cold, be sure to bring lots of layers so you aren't shivingering in your photos. Layers are a great way to add dimension and texture! If it's hot, be sure to choose clothing that is lightweight and breathable. You want your outfit to compliment the scenery and location.


Since 99% of the locations I shoot at are outside, I always suggest to stick with earthy and neutral tones. This doesn't mean you can't wear color! All colors have a more neutral toned down version to them. Instead of green, choose sage or forest green. Rather than yellow, choose a mustard color. Select a navy or indigo blue rather than a bright blue. The only colors I really try to steer clear from is red, pinks and oranges because the skin can really absorb the tones, looking funky in photos. If you love these kinds of colors I would suggest selecting burgundys, burnt oranges or dusty pinks. You want to choose colors that best fit your skin tone!


My rule of thumb is to avoid large and chunky patterns. They tend to be very distracting and will take the focus off the two of you, which is what I aim to avoid. If you would like to incorporate a pattern, I would suggest just one person to wear one and to keep the pattern on the small side. Match it in tones with the location and other clothing you choose to bring.
Logos are usually a “no go”, because they are distracting as well, BUT there are some gray areas in that rule. Some graphic tees, like band shirts, can work with the right outfit. Bring it as an option and we can decide together!


Okay, so this is where I get really excited! I LOVE MOVEMENT! Choosing clothing that can move around or flow in the wind can create such great energy and add in an extra element to your images. If it is windy on the day of the shoot, I apologize in advance for doing a happy dance. The other kind of movement is being able to physically move in the clothing you choose to wear. If your pants are too tight that you can't bend over or sit down, it will be hard to get natural looking photos.